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  • Plug-n-Play Offline Distributor's Network
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Our Distribution Ecosystem designed just for you.

Distributor Discovery

Just as Amazon connects sellers with consumers, our platform efficiently links manufacturers to a vast network of verified offline distributors, making it faster and more efficient to establish new distribution partnerships.

Retailer Connect

Retailers can tap into our platform to uncover new brands and distributors in their vicinity. This not only expands their inventory options but also fosters stronger B2B relationships, analogous to how Amazon suggests products to its end-users.

Order cycle and Logistics Management

Borrowing the spirit of Amazon's seamless order processing and logistics, Bharath Mills offers end-to-end order management, ensuring real-time tracking, efficient deliveries, and easy returns.

Unified Accounting

No need for multiple systems; our platform handles financial transactions end-to-end, ensuring credits, debits, and finances are managed seamlessly.

Credit Solutions

A lending platform designed to expand your business horizons and effectively manage your credit needs.

Sales Support

A dedicated app for the sales team to use during their visits to retail outlets.

Brands that experienced 10x growth


Our Story

Our Journey at Bharath Mills

India's bustling markets have a backbone: our traditional distributors. While the online boom posed challenges, we saw a chance to bring a fresh twist.

With years in B2B distribution, we realized the magic of these trusted distributors. We chatted with brand makers, and guess what? Most wanted a platform combining the best of both online and offline worlds. Brands like "Snaqary" and "Clear Water" showed us the huge possibilities of offline channels. In just a blink, over 500 distributors hopped on board in three months!

But, there's more. We dream big. We're on a mission to help innovative D2C brands touch every retail corner in India. Here at Bharath Mills, we're blending old-school trust with today's tech, reimagining distribution for a modern India.

Meet the Visionaries Behind Bharath Mills

In the heart of India's vast distribution network, two dynamic forces emerged with a passion and a purpose – the co-founders of Bharath Mills.

With years of industry experience, they've witnessed firsthand the challenges faced by the 1.5 million distributors of Bharat. But it wasn’t just the distributors; over 50,000 promising brands were often stuck, unable to venture beyond their local territories. Despite having great potential, these brands, with their limited capital, found themselves overshadowed by the B2B e-commerce giants.

But where many saw obstacles, the Bharath Mills founders saw opportunity. Moved by the aspirations of these brands and the relentless spirit of the distributors, the founders envisioned a platform that could be the bridge to greater horizons. Their mission? To empower and scale these deserving brands, ensuring their products could reach every retail counter in the multifaceted landscape of India.

Bharath Mills isn't just a company. It's the embodiment of a dream that believes in the potential of Bharat’s brands and the power of its distributors. Through dedication and a deep understanding of the market, the founders are pioneering a movement to revolutionize distribution in India.

Frequently Asked Questions

Bharath Mills is your go-to source for scaling your product

The Bharath Mills distributor app is your gateway to a hassle-free ordering experience. Enjoy the convenience of placing orders, tracking deliveries, and managing your account, all from the palm of your hand. Say goodbye to paperwork and hello to efficiency!

Becoming a part of Bharath Mills is easy. Simply download our app from the App Store or Google Play Store, sign up, and start exploring our platform. You can choose to join as Brand or Distributor based on your business needs.

We've got you covered! With our app, you'll receive real-time notifications about special offers, new product arrivals, and important updates. Stay informed and never miss out on exciting opportunities.

Absolutely! Our app features instant messaging with our dedicated support team. Have a question or need assistance? Just send us a message, and we'll be there to help you promptly. We're committed to making your experience as smooth as possible.

We prioritize transparency and reliability. Bharath Mills verifies Millers and Distributors to ensure the authenticity and quality of the products. Additionally, user reviews and ratings help maintain trust and quality standards within our platform

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